Service / Ministry: Why does it Matter?

Cristian Pãduraru

Why does it matter?

Today we conclude the Ministry series. In Ministry 2 – What? we discovered that ministry is service through gifts. Since everyone’s in the ministry (Ministry 1 – Who?), every member of the body of Christ has something to offer.

Now before I go on, I want you to know I’m not trying to awkwardly imply that everyone is a leader (although we all have influence), or to suggest that leadership structures should be disassembled! There are many scriptures on leadership, and surely we need more, not fewer, men and women willing to lead. Nor do I wish to quibble about words. I recognize that “ministry” is often shorthand for “the ministry of the word” (as in Acts 6:4). I myself was in the ministry (in this sense) for 20 years, and although since 2003 I’ve been a freelance teacher, I’ve neverstopped being in the ministry…

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