Prayer for Romania 2019

How the kingdom of God spreads in every generation?
See the vision for Romania!
Cum sa ai o relatie mai apropiata cu Dumnezeu?
Parcurge aceasta serie de studii biblice.
Hai să ne rugăm împreună! Let us pray together!



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2 thoughts on “Prayer for Romania 2019”

  1. Thank you so much my brother! I was looking for Gordon Fergusons lesson on Revelation and am grateful that God led me to your site. Thank you for your faith! I am a disciple in the UK, baptised 30 years ago in London. Mine is a long and complicated story but God has stayed with me over the years through ups and downs and HIS faith and forgiveness allowed me to be restored 5 years ago, after i was unfaithful for most of my new life so far. 7 years ago I was living in Vilcabamba and Ecuador has a special place in my heart as it was there that i began my journey to restoration. I live in London now with a new family and dynamic group of disciples who have recaptured the vision God has for saving all nations. This year we are planting a church in Quito and next year possibly Romania so I think that God may be calling you to fulfil your potential and use you to lead in someway. I know that God uses online connections as this was how I got restored. Please contact me as I pray for our future brotherhood. With love in the Lord Jesus Christ, Jamie

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