Who is on the throne of the Kingdom? by @DouglasJacoby

Cristian Pãduraru

Who’s on the throne?

The King
Of course the Lord God is the one on the throne (Judges 21:25; 1 Sam 8:7; Rev 19:16)! There’s never been a time when the universe has been left untended, so there’s always been a kingdom — frequently mentioned in the Old Testament (Psa 103:19; Isa 37:16; Jer 10:10). And by virtue of his resurrection, Jesus Christ has been enthroned. A crucial, yet too-often skimmed, section of Peter’s Pentecost message is Acts 2:29-36. Jesus began to reign after this series of events: Resurrection — Ascension — Accession. Because of his resurrection, he ascends to heaven to accede to the throne of God. Ultimately, according to Paul, Jesus will hand over the kingdom to the Father (1 Cor 15:24).

Since there has always been a king, it follows that there has always been a kingdom…

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