What is Ministry?

Cristian Pãduraru

Welcome back to our mini-series on Ministry, where we seek answers to 3 important questions. First, Who is in the ministry? As the Bible teaches (and as we were reminded last week) we’re all in the full-time ministry.

Today we ask What is ministry? Can we define it? If we’re unable to see clearly to a biblical definition, then we don’t truly understand. Can you define ministry (concisely)?

What is Ministry?

Unfortunately, the meaning of “ministry” has been obscured by well-meaning Bible translators.

Words and meanings
Time for some etymology. There’s a N.T. Greek word, diakonia. It means service. One who serves (a servant) is a diakonos. You will notice that the English word deacon is essentially a transliteration of diakonos — not a translation. When the N.T. was translated into Latin, diakonos became diaconus in some passages (Phil 1:1; 1 Tim 3:8) — transliteration. Yet in other…

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