An alternative government?

Cristian Pãduraru

We have already established that the kingdom of God is the future (heavenly) age breaking into the present age. (See the last two lessons, The King and The Message, if you want to review.) That’s why the kingdom of God may equally well be called the kingdom of heaven. It’s cosmic; it includes the quick and the dead, angels and men. This certainly isn’t a human institution — nor is it the church.

In one sense the kingdom is the entire universe, since God is King of all creation. In another sense it is the sphere of obedience to the perfect will of God. We aren’t “added to the kingdom” so much as that the Lord’s reign is extended to us. The kingdom is an attitude, an orientation, a new world. It’s also a government. And it is this last sense of “kingdom” that now needs fleshing out.

An alternative government?

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