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Cristian Pãduraru

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Cristian Paduraru – Search The Truth (Singing Scriptures Praise Worship Music)
WER1802WORDOFGOD (Worldwide Exclusive Records) Official release date: 180221

1 Search The Scriptures (Christian Vocal Chillout)
2 Search The Truth (GrowAware + 1st Class Vocal Deep House)
3 Search The Melody (Inspirational + Ambient)
4 Search The Word (Acappella + The Remix Label DJTool)

Search the Truth mix Vocal Chillout with Inspirational Deep House Music.

The Word Hymn (2002) by Cris –
Singing Scritpures from the Letter for Disciples –

Refrain (x2) – Search the Scriptures (Jn 5:39) Keeping the Word of God (Lu 11:28)

Blessed are they that keep His testimonies, and seek Him with the whole…

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