How you push your limits to grow 4maturity

How you push your limits to grow your maturity?
Do not limit your challenges! Challenge your limits!
Which are the 4 temperamental situations that you need to be aware of?
Maturity remains with you for life and no one can take it from you!

How we choose animals according to the 4 temperaments

> Sanguine > Friendly > Small >
> Choleric > Active > Muscular > Medium >
> Melancholic > Large >
> Phlegmatic > Calm > Tall >

From which of the 4 temperaments you can learn best

> Being > Doing > Feeling > Thinking >
> Spring > Summer > Autumn > Winter >
> Sanguine > Choleric > Melancholic > Phlegmatic >

Movie Genres VS The 4 Temperaments

Comedy Humor – Sanguine
Action Adventure – Choleric
Drama Romantic – Melancholic
Documentary – Phlegmatic

How is your life story using the 2 building blocks like introverted melody vs extroverted rhythm?

Astrology And Horoscopes by Douglas Jacoby

R4E130325 – Astrology And Horoscopes by Douglas Jacoby 10:14

You can download the full audiobook recording on qobuz or amazon or itunes.

Looking at the 4kinds of ground

Just observing four seasonal nuances in nature according to ages and temperaments here – brown, green, yellow, gray.

Parenting Vision For Children

Paduraru’s Life To The Full
00 Defining Introduction
01 Childhood Memories
02 Growing Independence
03 Singlehood part I male
04 Singlehood part II female
05 Marriage Union And Ceremony Chapter
06 Parenting Vision For Children
07 New Families As Fruits
08 The End As New Beginning