How do you feed and cloth your four human dimensions?

How do you cloth and feed your heart, body, mind and soul?

Feeding and Clothing – Rarugame

Accepting the beauty you already have

How do you feel about you? How do you view your body? Do you think constructively?

Will you accept the way you we’re created and just take care of it? Modifying your feelings by drugs proves a weak thinking?

Does beauty comes from within? A gentle and quiet spirit shows what is inside of you? Accepting that you are a spirit in God’s image will uplift your view?

Is your body perfect without makeup or other accessories? Does decent clothing will show the world a worthy person?

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How you teach children to be quiet?

How you teach someone to be quiet? Rightly define it. When you will associate the word with the deed? When they will do it.

I need to mention that being quiet is different from having silence. A quiet spirit is gentle and kind, while silence is absence of sound.

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