Roles in the church and the 4 temperaments

Sanguine > Evangelist > Preacher
Choleric > Diakoneo > Deacon > Servant
Melancholic > Presbyter > Elder > Pastor
Phlegmatic > Didaskalos > Teacher > Instructor

Define clearly your roles and goals

The greatest roles in life for man and woman

Which are the greatest roles in life for man and woman?

Leadership roles in the church

Download! God gives gifts to everyone? What is your role in the body of Christ?

We all have responsibility to worship, discipleship, serve, evangelize?

Is there only one international body of Christ or many bodies?

You keep the unity thru the Holy Spirit? How do you team up with other disciples?


What makes you feel important?

What makes you feel important? You associate value with relations, situations, locations, things, positions, roles, love, power, wisdom?

Where I find my value? Being a soul in God’s image makes me feel important because I can know Him this way by identifying with Him.

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