EarthDay Manifesto

What is Earth Day? A worldwide event to worship nature and environment. What is everyday? A worldwide time to worship Christ and love each other.

What is the UN Agenda 21? An inventory to control the international land and resources. Who is owning the land and resources? God, who gave individual men the stewardship to use them.

How does United Nations indoctrinate the public? Mainly events for children. How we are united and teach each other? United thru the holy Spirit and the Bible.

UN will lie to you by saying “we have met the enemy he is us” like in Jes-us. UN will promote a new religion under the green flag, as enemies of Jesus followers.

Which is the false sustainable development? GMO, chemtrails, national parks, agencies takeover. Which is true environmental protection? Moving to countryside for self-sufficiency living.

We have met the enemy and it is Satan. We have discovered the problem and it is sin. We have the Savior and it is Christ. We have found the solution and it is repentance.

Public schools for mass indoctrination depending on political regime!

What does public education in schools is nowadays depending on the current political regime? How mass indoctrination works?

Who should teach the children? Why replace government with God and educators with parents?

Which is the best homeschooling curriculum that parents can create?

David Lory VanDerBeek from Nevada Interview

My name is David Lory VanDerBeek. I am a U.S. citizen with a valid birth certificate. My wife and I have five children. I graduated from high school in Lincoln County, Nevada. I am an Eagle Scout and a veteran of the Idaho Army National Guard in artillery. Currently, I am a licensed professional marriage and family therapist in Las Vegas.

I have been a member of Nevada’s Constitution party (the Independent American Party of Nevada) since 2010. I was a candidate for State assembly in 2010, U.S. Senate in 2012, and currently Governor for 2014. I received 49,000 votes in 2012 in spite of being excluded from the public debates, polls, having no campaign organization, and only spending $650. My message resonates with real Americans. I have a very popular Youtube channel where all of my speeches are available and now a TV show soon called Occupy Freedom.

One of our family names is VanDerBeek. This name is Dutch from Holland. My VanDerBeek grand parents Andy and Simone lived in Holland during World War II when the Nazis invaded their country. Many people deny the historical reality of Nazi Germany’s war crimes, but my grandparents witnessed it first hand. The Dutch had no army or fire arms to defend themselves, so they fought with Medieval weapons and were slaughtered.

My grandparents did not want to be slaves in a Nazi war factory. So, Andy and Simone hid in what was called the “Dutch Underground.” They did not have food. They ate things we would never eat to survive such as orange peels, potato peels, and tulip bulbs. At the end of the war, my grandmother was pregnant and she weighed only 95 pounds. They were able to get a sponsor to immigrate to the United States in Shelley, Idaho. That is how my father’s family came to America to enjoy the Constitutional freedoms we take for granted.

The American dream is a simple concept.  The American dream was that you could come to America and it did not matter who you were, where you were from, or what your background was. Through hard work and creativity you could become independently wealthy and enjoy the fruits of your life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness however you chose to define it. That is am amazing dream, isn’t it?

Some of the topics and questions, David answers in this personal interview:
– Please outline your life so far: which we’re most influential persons (or situations) in your life so far? And how they influenced you?
– What comes into your mind when you think about God? In other words how do you get to know God more and the meaning of life?
– As married with children how do you grow your family? In other words your advice on marriage then parenting!
– Now the story behind your activity? What do you work? Which are the top 10 issues or questions most asked in your ministry or field of expertise?
– Where you and your work will be in the upcoming years? How people will remember you? What legacy or heritage you will leave behind you?
– Will you please close this interview recordings with in prayer?

See David Lory VanDerBeek youtube channel or official campaign website