Open Letter To The President

– A president is a leader of an organization, company, community, club, trade union, university, country, a division or part of any of these, or, more generally, anything else. Originally, the term referred to the presiding officer of a ceremony or meeting, like a chairman, while today it most commonly refers to an official.

– To whom you are accountable to? Are people imperfect? Is God perfect? You see Jesus Christ as the Son of God? You have Jesus Christ as Lord and King? Is He your Head? You will study the Bible daily to fulfill His commandments? Which may be the best initiative and action you can fulfill as long as you will be in the presidential position?

– Will you empower parents to build families up? Will you understand that pater represents the father? Is family the fundamental base of the community and health society? You will support the father as head of the household? You will see patriarchy as the solution to government? You will encourage fathers to discover their gifts and serve their skills to develop autonomy for household resources?

– You will support homebirth? Do you understand how important is the husband’s support for wife’s pregnancy? Will you see the preparation for baby delivery as the most sensible part of life where the couple needs to eat and move in the most healthy way? You will see this homebirth process as the solution to health care?

– Will you support homeschooling? You will understand that parents are the best teachers with the bigger impact in children’s life? You will see homeschool as the main solution to education in your organization?

Why pushing females in official positions

Why pushing females in official positions?

Public schools for mass indoctrination depending on political regime!

What does public education in schools is nowadays depending on the current political regime? How mass indoctrination works?

Who should teach the children? Why replace government with God and educators with parents?

Which is the best homeschooling curriculum that parents can create?

Patriarchy in the Restoration Movement

Leadership is followship

Click here to download this now. What is the best example of leadership? God. Who is following the Lord? True leaders, because leadership is followship.

Which leadership style was best on earth? Patriarchal, where fathers lead. How much men will be empowered to restore this basic kind of leadership?

How we can decentralize authority from new world order governments? Restoring family. How communities will use their autonomy? Interdependence.

When you will be president of the people?

What would be different if you would be the president?

Is the current world order going to decentralize power to empower autonomous communities again?

Will you restore patriarchy and be the last president? Is the father the best leadership figure?

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