How can tea cleans your respiratory system?

What tea you use that can clean your respiratory system thru inhalation?

Have you used so far: Hyssop, Thyme, Oregano, others similar herbs?


Preparedness discover survival skills

How you discovered preparedness and survival skills?

Medicaments and #healthcare #drugs

What health you have when you let your food be your medicine?

How are you feeding your immune system during cold season?

Rosa canina or dog rose for your natural immune system during cold season!

Immunity food

What cause most deaths worldwide? All time mortality rate report!

What cause most deaths worldwide? All time mortality rate report!

Most deaths are upon health issues, official statistics show

Although morally speaking it seems that the no1 unofficial cause is abortion.

Anyway the point of the video is to move your body and eat healthy, then prepare for any kind of life events.

Respect for people that are learning, living, loving and leaving a legacy!

Worldwide Exclusive Health Report

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