Your Children Are Not Your Children!?

Who creates the soul and judges us for death or eternal life? Why to not debate children belonging to the parents or the government? Because they belong to the Lord, God.

Parents are responsible before God for feeding the children emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually? Is the patriarchy authority the highest government given by God on the land?

How important is homeschooling? Why the world governments want to destroy family and individual personality thru socialism? Why parents register a certificate for the children with the state for a strawman contract?

Treats and Chores

How this recording will help you?
– Will you choose age-appropriate work that allow them to be proud to contribute?
– How you will discuss reasonable time limits?
– When you will immediately solve their refusal to do chores?
– You would like to learn how to have them volunteer to help around the house?

What is all about? Each of us should make meaningful contributions to the family in the form of chores. When? In the beginning children can help their parents, then after seven years old or so, it is time for them to do their chores without repay and reminders.

– So what is the first step? Ask your child to do something you are sure they won’t, and give them a time for completion. Most children will only learn to do their work if they know that failing to do them will result in some sad consequences. Allow plenty of time to figure out what you will do if they forgets or refuses.

– And what is the last step? Be quiet, resisting the urge to remind or threaten. Who will do the teaching? Empathic consequences! Parents show sadness when doing children’s chores for them, because then they show less time and energy to do any privilege typically provided for the child.

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