The 4 Seasons of Life by Mr Raru

From which of the 4 temperaments you can learn best

> Being > Doing > Feeling > Thinking >
> Spring > Summer > Autumn > Winter >
> Sanguine > Choleric > Melancholic > Phlegmatic >

Learning Romanian from Paduraru Leaving A Legacy song

Language Lesson – English – Romanian, Learning – Invatand, Living – Traind, Loving – Iubind, Leaving a legacy – Lasand o mostenire 🙂

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Singing Legacy

Singing Legacy? Learn to learn, learn to live, learn to love, learn to leave a legacy.

Live to learn, live to live, live to love, live to leave a legacy.

Love to learn, love to live, love to love, love to leave a legacy.

Leave a legacy of learning, leave a legacy of living, leave a legacy of loving, leave the leaving a legacy.

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Your goals in the 4 dimensions of life!

What are your goals in the four dimensions of life? For me intellectually is learning, physically is living, emotionally is loving, spiritually is leaving a legacy.

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