Roles in the church and the 4 temperaments

Sanguine > Evangelist > Preacher
Choleric > Diakoneo > Deacon > Servant
Melancholic > Presbyter > Elder > Pastor
Phlegmatic > Didaskalos > Teacher > Instructor

When others have a false worldview

What you say when others have a false worldview?

How you we’re helped to correct your way to see this world?

Fasting 3 days and 1 night of prayer before breakfast for historic life changes

True patriot

How are you the ultimate patriot for the kingdom of Heaven?

Why God sent a Son and not a Daughter?

R4E130415 – Why God Sent a Son and not a Daughter by Douglas Jacoby 19:30

You can download the full audiobook recording on qobuz or amazon or itunes.

Christian Interview Disciple Jesus and Matthew from Alaska