Rainbow In Transylvania – Curcubeu In Ardeal


Your history writing journal

Click here to download this movie now. Are you writing your walk in life?
Have you learn from history that most people omit to learn from history?
Will you learn from written past? Are you aware that we are making history?
What is your heritage? Will you inspire the present and next generations?

Singing Legacy

Singing Legacy? Learn to learn, learn to live, learn to love, learn to leave a legacy.

Live to learn, live to live, live to love, live to leave a legacy.

Love to learn, love to live, love to love, love to leave a legacy.

Leave a legacy of learning, leave a legacy of living, leave a legacy of loving, leave the leaving a legacy.

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Doing – when others say Yes or No on something?

What are you doing when others say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ on doing something?

Well, you may like to try this: for a ‘Yes’ reply persuade to fulfill that thing immediately, while for a ‘No’ give some time.

Any other suggestions? 🙂