Caryn and Brian Homet Family Christian Life Interview

Caryn and Brian Homet Family Life Interview on Relate4ever Publishing

What was your main motivation to live the way you live?
What we’re the reasons why you follow Christ in this life?
What kept you persevere on this narrow path all this time?
How do you disciple your neighbor to fulfill Christ’s commandments?
What kind of bait you use to fish souls?
Where will you be in 100+ years from now?
Can you conclude this recording in prayer?

Already, yet not yet!

In order to understand the kingdom of God we need to be aware of the principle of “already, but not yet!”

For example the kingdom of God already came on Pentecost in 30AD as described in the book of Acts chapter 2 by Luke.

For the disciples of Christ salvation is already a reality, while we still need to persevere in order to get it.

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