Hey you will do Interviews with Public Servants on Relate4ever Publishing for TeamWakeEmUp

Will you interview your local public servants for Relate4ever Publishing?
Are the best questions center around motivation for service, family and faith?

Marriage and the 4 kinds of matches

Have you seen how much choleric and melancholic marriage?
Also how well phlegmatic goes with sanguine temperament?

ATTN Alternative Media Christian Challenge

As I appreciate the alternative media, I need to challenge you.

Will you post and broadcast the four gospels on your channels?

1moment restoring original candy cherries natural living godly food

1moment restoring original candy cherries natural living godly food

Warning fertilizers provoking respiratory issues

When others have a false worldview

What you say when others have a false worldview?

How you we’re helped to correct your way to see this world?

How we choose animals according to the 4 temperaments

> Sanguine > Friendly > Small >
> Choleric > Active > Muscular > Medium >
> Melancholic > Large >
> Phlegmatic > Calm > Tall >