The Gospel Family Acappella

Singing the Scriptures – What is the Gospel? Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, He was buried, He was raised, and He was seen by His disciples. Jesus Christ paid our spiritual debts, transgressions. We need to praise Him, believe in Him, follow Him, love Him, share Him…

Hey you will do Interviews with Public Servants on Relate4ever Publishing for TeamWakeEmUp

Will you interview your local public servants for Relate4ever Publishing?
Are the best questions center around motivation for service, family and faith?

2020 #Vision For #Romania (#Inspirational #Movie)

How do you see the kingdom of God coming in Romania?

When more households will fulfill the will of the Lord?

Will we the people hold accountable each other in Bible study?

Can you pray for the 3000+ official locations across this land?

True patriot

How are you the ultimate patriot for the kingdom of Heaven?

Why God sent a Son and not a Daughter?

R4E130415 – Why God Sent a Son and not a Daughter by Douglas Jacoby 19:30

You can download the full audiobook recording on qobuz or amazon or itunes.

Interactive project about key words and verses!

Which are the most representative quoted verses that shows the context?

What may be the best word to describe the topic subject of the whole writing?

Best fellowship times to build relationships!

Which are best times to bond? With whom you enjoy the daily meals?

Do you feed your friends and family both spiritually and physically?

How awesome is it when you read from the Bible and pray at the table?

Your neighbors along with widows and orphans enjoy eating with you?