Rolan Monje Lifeview On Relate4ver Publishing

Meet Rolan Monje from Phillipines

Christian Interview Samuel Too from Kenya

Relate4ever Interview Samuel Too from Mafuta Kenyan Churches of Christ

Tracks you leave behind your life…

Which steps we follow? What kind of track we leave behind?
Who will come on this trail? Where we will get in the end?

When truth will set you free?

When truth will set you free?

Leadership is followship

Click here to download this now. What is the best example of leadership? God. Who is following the Lord? True leaders, because leadership is followship.

Which leadership style was best on earth? Patriarchal, where fathers lead. How much men will be empowered to restore this basic kind of leadership?

How we can decentralize authority from new world order governments? Restoring family. How communities will use their autonomy? Interdependence.