Your Personal Currency For Free Trade

What is your personal currency for free trade?
How do you develop your knowledge and skills?

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Which business makes most money?

Creating your local currency

What do you think of this challenge to restore local economy?

Money – replacing free trade?

How would you feel to make all the money you like? Some people do that and they are called banksters or more exactly those who lead the federal reserve.

Money is general equivalent in the new world order we contemporary live as trade process of goods and services. Money are associated with metal coins or paper and plastic notes printed by banks.

Economy is not about math or money, economics is about humans and exchanges for mutual benefit. Value does not exist outside human conscience. What is going to be your perception from now on?

How about free trade? The world was working for thousands of years without those banks. Learn of Austrian Economics today to restore your autonomy on exchanging goods and services.

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