Baptism and Testimony of Tanja in Ecuador

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#Speaking in #Tongues by @DouglasJacoby

Speaking in Tongues (Original Lesson) by Douglas Jacoby (28 minutes)

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Here is the basic outline in questions of this audiobook:

1. What are biblical tongues?

2. What is glossolalia?

3. Is this only a Christian phenomenon?

4. Is tongue-speaking really psychological?

5. What about “angel languages”?

6. Do we need a private prayer language?

7. What was the purpose of biblical tongues?

8. Did tongues ever die out?

9. Is this a salvation issue?

10. Are “tongues” proof that the tongue speaker is right with God?

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Courageously replace fear with action!

You had situations in which you felt felt fear and avoided to do what you knew it would be good? How do you feel now about this failure?

How can you avoid loosing opportunities when fear will come out again? Will you do what you know it is good no matter what you will feel in that moment?

You will replace fear with f-acts? Will you discover your fears upfront to accept them? You will be prepared to act full of courage?

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Sadness – when you show it? What makes you sad?

There are situations when you feel sad? What makes you sad? When do you show it sadness because you decide?

Powerful sadness is when you decide to show it instead of being driven from outside events! Sin is sad.

Negative sadness may be when you feel it for yourself while positive sadness may be when you show it for others! People cope with sadness.

Sadness is emotional pain associated with, or characterized by feelings of loss, despair, disadvantage, helplessness, sorrow or rage.

Is crying is an indication of sadness? These are usually negative. When one is sad, people often become less outspoken, less energetic, and emotional.

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Awakening – on the 4 human dimensions!

How are you when you are wakening up in the morning? You can think on the spot and start doing something or you need some time?

For me the first thought that comes into my mind is: Dear heavenly Father, how are you? What are you up to today? So what is your usually first?

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