How we correct one another

I will ask questions to guide thinking to the true definition and application of the subject. I will choose to balance grace with truth and forgiveness with justice.

New Prayer Partner Getting Together

Wanna pray together? Email me ASAP!

You want a new discipling relationship?

You want a new discipling relationship to be more like Christ and make disciples?

Are you focused on planting in your mission field?

Can you fellowship weekly for sharing, prayer and Bible study over Skype?

Your Personal Currency For Free Trade

What is your personal currency for free trade?
How do you develop your knowledge and skills?

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True patriot

How are you the ultimate patriot for the kingdom of Heaven?

4 reasons not following Christ

Download! Does Jesus Christ has all authority in heaven and earth? Will you acknowledge Him as the One God?

Are you following the Lord of lords as His disciple? Will you continue knowing God this way?

Will you serve freely your gifts? Will people will repay you for your talents?

Which is your life mission? Will you disciple others in fulfilling Christ’s commandments?