The Secret (Review Book and Movie)

R4E130408 – The Secret (Review Book and Movie) by Douglas Jacoby 11:00

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Communication in Relationships

R4E121228 Communication in Relationships by Cristian and Erika Paduraru 17:51

Is the quality of relationships impacted by the quality of our communication?

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Daily chart model:
What am I grateful for?
with God
with family
with friends
with neighbours
What do I struggle with?
with God
with family
with friends
with neighbors

Quality Communication for Relate4ever


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Which things are made by God then by men?

Which things are made by God then by men? How you make the difference?

God make the earth and everything in it, then men processed those elements into some of the things we use today.

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Doing – when others say Yes or No on something?

What are you doing when others say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ on doing something?

Well, you may like to try this: for a ‘Yes’ reply persuade to fulfill that thing immediately, while for a ‘No’ give some time.

Any other suggestions? 🙂