Deprogramming Cultural Cooperation

Deprogramming from Cultural propaganda for open Cooperation

Roles in the church and the 4 temperaments

Sanguine > Evangelist > Preacher
Choleric > Diakoneo > Deacon > Servant
Melancholic > Presbyter > Elder > Pastor
Phlegmatic > Didaskalos > Teacher > Instructor

Define clearly your roles and goals

Parenting Vision For Children

Paduraru’s Life To The Full
00 Defining Introduction
01 Childhood Memories
02 Growing Independence
03 Singlehood part I male
04 Singlehood part II female
05 Marriage Union And Ceremony Chapter
06 Parenting Vision For Children
07 New Families As Fruits
08 The End As New Beginning

How do you feed and cloth your four human dimensions?

How do you cloth and feed your heart, body, mind and soul?

Feeding and Clothing – Rarugame