Tracks you leave behind your life…

Which steps we follow? What kind of track we leave behind?
Who will come on this trail? Where we will get in the end?

How liberty empowers your relations?

How do you feel when others acknowledge your freedom to choose? You will let liberty empower your relations? Will empowerment raise responsibility?

Is preparing those around you for the upcoming situations by discussing possible consequences of our decisions be one of the best power transfers?

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Cultivating conscience will solve society problems?

How is it when your conscience helps you when decisions or deeds are ahead of you? Decisions and consequences will develop an internal power guide?

A clean conscience will need a standard to guide after? Is the moral standard from God’s word the best we can have?

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Best parenting foundational principles?

One: Why take care of yourself first? How can you give to others what you do not have? What kind of example will you be then? Caring cares!

Two: How to giving choices empowers responsibility? You feel your freedom when you have the opportunity to decide? Choices empowers!

Three: Does consequences drive lessons home? Is feeling the outcome of your decisions the best learning experience? Consequences teach!

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