The Kingdom of God by John Oakes

R4E130508 – The Kingdom of God Part 1 + 2, by John Oakes
1 The Kingdom of God Defined Part I
2 The Kingdom of God Is Part II

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Inspirational podcast from Relate4ever Publishing on current events and essential life issues. John Oakes was born and raised in Connecticut. He earned a bachelors degree in Chemistry at the University of Connecticut in 1977 John is the author of eight books. John’s interest in Christian evidences sprang naturally from his being a scientist. ohn teaches classes all over the world. Now he answers to what is the kingdom of God? For more see

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ReviewTime Patna! Relate4ever Publishing Interview #ReviewManify #TeamWakeEmUp

Jon Locke aka Review Manify known for ReviewTime Patna! from TeamWakeEmUp is now on Relate4ever Publishing with an inspiring interview!

– Please outline your life so far: which we’re top 5 most influential persons (or situations) in your life so far? And how they influenced you?

– What comes into your mind when you think about God? In other words how do you get to know Him and His Son more and more in this life?

– You are not married now: how do you keep yourself and prepare for marriage? In other words your advise for a pure life?

– Now the story behind your activity? What do you work? Why and how you support Ron Paul?

– How you combine common sense with entertainment so well in your reviews?

– How people will remember you? What legacy or heritage you will leave behind you? Where you will be in 10 then 100 years from now?

– Will you please close this special interview (or lifeview) with a prayer?