Top Paduraru Principles

Which may be the top Paduraru Principles?
Relationships represent the goal of this life.
Communication is the key to building relations.
Home based living is for families.
Discover that we already have everything we need.
Define each topic for what is it, how to do it like be-do-have.
Truth is only one and will refute all falsehoods.
Balance with grace is needed to walk focused on the narrow path.
All these to learn, to live, to love, to leave your legacy.

Be quiet! Or how character balance temperament?

How can you have a quiet child? How can you simply identify the temperament of those around you? Which are the four temperament? Being sanguine, doing choleric, feeling melancholic, thinking phlegmatic.

Temperament is how God created each of us and represents our powerful potential? Will parents will build character in such way to balance and complete with the temperament?

For example, if your life partner has the principal temperament as thinker, then secondary as feeler, being the strong points, in character will need to focus firstly on doing things, then secondary on being friendly, the last ones being the weak point.

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Trust – how you are bringing your beliefs in balance?

Is truth only one? Are beliefs crucial? Will deeds follow beliefs? Aligning beliefs with the truth will result in good deeds?

There is an active extreme where disbelief refuses most ideas and on the other hand there is an passive extreme where everything is accepted without checking the sources. Noble hearts study what they are listening to discover the truth!

Where mistrust is coming from? Mistrust comes from past hurts that lacked healing. Does forgiveness heals? Forgive your parents and past relations to restore and grow your present and future trust in relations.

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