The End As New Beginning

Paduraru’s Life To The Full
00 Defining Introduction
01 Childhood Memories
02 Growing Independence
03 Singlehood part I male
04 Singlehood part II female
05 Marriage Union And Ceremony Chapter
06 Parenting Vision For Children
07 New Families As Fruits
08 The End As New Beginning

What happens afterdeath or afterlife?

Soul is created after sex between men and women when God wants. Then after about 9 months the soul gets birth into this material world.

Why we are here on earth as humans? To seek, know, have an eternal relation with God and other people. Physical death is inevitable.

What happens afterlife? All souls goes to Hades which is a waiting place for thee dead. Those who avoid to seek God will go to hell and those who choose God will be in paradise aka heaven.

At the second coming of Christ when God the Father will decide to end the physical world like a judgement day, He will destroy it along with hell and everything in it. That is the second death when the godless souls will die.

Then for all those in heaven will go into eternity with God and enjoy eternal life along with all the souls that walked with God from the beginning of the world until it’s end.

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