Lakhan #Baptism in #Trinidad

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The Spirit of God is moving powerfully here in T&T aka Trinidad and Tobago!

As part of our 2020 Vision, the church has been praying to plant churches in 4 boroughs of significant population (Port of Spain, San Fernando, Chaguanas, & Arima). From these cities, we believe the nation can be evangelized.
The church has been praying and asking God to show us a way to plant the last remaining borough – Arima. A few months ago, our brother Bob Peterson began reaching out to a golfing buddy named Robbie. Robbie is from Sangre Grande (20 min east of Arima & over an hour east from Port of Spain).

God prompted Robbie to begin traveling an hour each way to study the bible with Bob. Robbie was so impacted by what he was learning, he began to bring his wife Angelita to the bible studies. In time, they brought their…

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