Introducing WildCat Robot Video Response

What are your child memories about small robots technology shows? Just share your story…

Are these robots only in the government control? Yes and no, just like Snowden was hired by a company working with NSA.

Does Boston Dynamics brags their engineering is used for military applications? What is the connection with DARPA?

The NWO pushes homosexuality, women in official positions to pervert leadership and destroy family, atheism, earth worship?

Will the gov use these robots as power control just like nuclear weapons or may used in war like drones killing people?

What kind of human work jobs can be replaced by robots in the future?

Is the product of government schools the atheistic science of trying to develop man made copies of original creation?

Why replace animal training by building robots? Why not return to the land and restore homesteading?

If we continue in Jesus Christ’s word, then we are truly disciples and we will know the truth, and the truth will make us free!

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