The Four Seasons of Life by Mr Raru ((((Full Audiobook))))

The Four Seasons of Life by Mr Raru ((((Full Audiobook))))
(((Youtube Share From Relate4ever Publishing)))) – Buy it from Amazon or Qobuz

01 The Four Seasons of Life (Spring 20 Summer 40 Autumn 60 Winter 80+)
02 Movie Genres VS The 4 Temperaments (Humor Comedy Action Adventure Romantic Drama Documentary Videoblog)
03 Obvious for you amazing to others
04 Define clearly your roles and goals
05 Thinker teaching as author narrator publisher promoter
06 How each of the four types of people deals with stress (Eating Working Talking Sleeping)
07 Marriage and the four kinds of matches (Sanguine Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic)
08 The four seasons and sex (Prelude Copulation Orgasm Rest)
09 Which is the best location for each and everyone (Plain Seaside Hills Mountain)
10 Cycle of natural relationships (Neighbor Friend Church Family)
11 Who can agitate and who can calm down
12 How we choose animals according to the 4 types
13 Roles in the church and the 4 temperaments (Evangelist Servant Elder Teacher)
14 What kind of taste are you – salty sweet sour bitter
15 The pace and rhythm of the four characters
16 4 seasons in human cooperation (Be Do Have Marketing PR Executive Sales)
17 What you say about others when they are not present (Appreciation In Communication)
18 What you can do in Secret (Charity Helps The Poor And Needy)
19 Looking at the 4kinds of ground (Brown Green Nature Yellow Grey or White Snow)
20 Good morning afternoon evening night (Praying Prayer)


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