Warning expectations while visiting relatives

Warning! Expectations while visiting relatives


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3 Responses to Warning expectations while visiting relatives

  1. Christian Liberty Mom says:

    I listened to this after having many conflicts with my in-laws. My husband supports me as I decided for the first time to homeschool my 13 year old daughter. His parents – though divorced – each attacked me viciously. (I believe a brother was spreading gossip.) My husband spoke to his dad afterwards. His mom and I got into another big conflict because she wanted to take my daughter for a few days. I was forced to address that when she stayed over here one night she was undermining my authority as a parent by discussing my weaknesses with my daughter privately. I told her that as a teen and especially as a homeschooling parent, it is critical that my daughter respect me. My mother in law called me selfish and was furious. She hung up the phone and we haven’t spoken. We always kept boundaries- keeping her away from our home because of her criticalness and divisiveness. But I forgot and allowed her to spend the night. My daughter was very disrespectful to me that week- but also told me what was said. I am grateful that my daughter ultimately is loyal to me. But gossip, slander, and disrespect has hurt her relationship w her grandmother. I could have kept this from happening by not allowing her to spend the night and share a room with my daughter. I appreciate the wisdom of not allowing the children alone with other family members. Because if you are raising them in untraditional ways- the children will inevitably be “deprogrammed” by “concerned” family members who do not agree with your decisions. They will either challenge the untraditional practice or undermine your authority as a parent.

    Planning ahead protects your children. Love always protects! (I Corinthians 13:7a)

    -Anonymous (for obvious reasons)

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