NWO Pushing Uncontrolled Excitement

NWO Pushing Uncontrolled Excitement



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2 thoughts on “NWO Pushing Uncontrolled Excitement”

  1. I appreciate you identifying the NWO (New World Order) as an avenue which Satan is sceming against us to undermine our marriages and our lives. We need to be aware of Satan’s schemes. I believe that many people- including Christians- are blind to their consciously devised and planned, schemes in our current culture.

    I appreciate your point that Satan and his influences that assault our mind, our eyes and our heart leads us to not be grateful for the simple blessings but sensationalized uncontrolled excitement. He leads us to be bored with the everyday blessings God has given us.

    I am inspired by your marriage and family and your courage to follow God and His Spirit in you through the convictions you gain from His word. It is easy for Christians to unknowingly follow the religious Christian traditions and quench his Spirit.

    Love to you and Erika and your beautiful children.

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