4 thoughts on “Countryside VS City Sky Chemical Haze From Contrails Pollution”

  1. Hello Christian! Your video is private so it cant be seen. Also did you mean to write chemtrails? Contrails are very different than chemtrails. Contrails disappear immediately!
    Give my love to Ericka! Congratulations on your new prince or princess to be! You are an amazing couple!
    Love, jayme

    1. Chemtrails or Contrails – it still pollutes visually the beautiful blue sky and produces emotional damage because it destroys the natural creation!

      For me birds are the real thing, while airplanes are an abomination!

      Thank you for the love and hope you will come over in this amazing mission field. Much love to Allan family 🙂

  2. We each must ask ourselves, do you love the truth or prefer to live in denial? I believe it is a matter of character and heart. We are surrounded by Satan’s lies and most of us fail to or are unwilling to know the truth.

    Here is the most informative video I have found on the subject from Geoengineeringwatch.org

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