R4E130724 – Judaism (World Religions Study Lesson) by Douglas Jacoby

You can download the full audiobook recording on qobuz or amazon or itunes.


  1. c.1290 BC (the archaeological evidence suggests an exodus in 1290 BC, rather than 1446 BC, though Bible believers line up behind both dates)
  2. Moses (the lawgiver)
  3. Torah, plus Prophets and Writings, constitute the Hebrew Bible (c.1300-300 BC). Followed by the oral traditions codified in the Mishnah (c.200 AD) and further expansion in Palestinian and (esp.) Babylonian Talmud (400 AD+)
  4. Israel, the United States, France, and many other locations in the diaspora

Outreach tips for Jews:

  1. Remember and emphasize that Jesus was a Jew, as were the apostles. 75% of the NT was written by Jews.
  2. The OT is more than 75% of Bible, and it was the Bible of the first generation of Christians.
  3. Teach about the Messiah (Lion and Lamb), whose central message was the Kingdom of God.
  4. Understand the pressure of culture (family honor, the stigma of conversion, the painful history of pogroms, crusades, and the holocaust.
  5. Friendship: break in, just as with Hindus or Muslims or any community with a high degree of solidarity.
  6. Educate yourself (the basics of Judaism and current events, including the sensitive situation in the Middle East. Listen to the podcasts in the category Politics. Also search the
  7. Caution: while we have much to learn from Messianic groups, we ought to take care not to confuse the covenants or try to resurrect the Law. How “Jewish” Christians must be was a huge issue in NT times (see Galatians, Romans, Colossians…).
  8. Know both testaments! As with everyone, faith comes from hearing the word. Don’t think you’ll bowl people over with your superior arguments. It’s love that conquers, and truth that wins.

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  1. great post and video. very well written.

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