Bahai and 21st Century Tolerance

R4E130719 – Baha’i and 21st Century Tolerance by Douglas Jacoby

You can download the full audiobook recording on qobuz or amazon or itunes.

Bahá’í & 21st Century Tolerance

  1. 1863
  2. Bahá’u’lláh (1817-1892)
  3. From the perfect font of all wisdom, Wikipedia: “The canonical texts are the writings of the Báb, Bahá’u’lláh, `Abdu’l-Bahá, Shoghi Effendi and the Universal House of Justice, and the authenticated talks of `Abdu’l-Bahá.”
  4. Persia, India, Iran, and 200 other countries

Outreach tips

  1. Realize that the differences among the various world religions outweigh the similarities.
  2. Rethink what tolerance means (tolerance of persons, not tolerance of ideas!).
  3. Affirm the general spiritual “unity” of mankind in the sense of Acts 17:28. Yet take a stand on the more specific fact that only those born again are sons and daughters of God (Galatians 3:36-37; John 3:3,5,7; etc).
  4. Explain how Christianity is both inclusive and exclusive.
  5. Tell your friend you wish the Bahá’ís were right, but in life wishing for something doesn’t necessarily make it so. For colorful illustration / humor, take a look at some of the bizarre religions people have invented in recent times.
  6. Re-study the doctrine of the Narrow Road in the Bible.

Further study: World Religions

  • Order the AIM DVD series on Worldviews — about 9 hours of study of the major religions of the world.
  • Read Jesus & Islam.
  • Visit the Worldviews section of my Amazon store for many helpful titles.
  • Read chapter 11 of Compelling.
  • Further facts:
    • The Bab (1819-1850) the “John the Baptist” of Baha’i, was martyred in 1850.
    • In 1852 Baha-Ullah received a vision, while in prison, of a divine woman who declared him to be “The Beauty of God amongst you.” Baha-Ullah claimed to be:
      • the second coming of Christ—that John 14:16 was about him
      • Maitreya—the second coming of Buddha.
      • the new incarnation of Krishna
      • the fulfillment of the “Day of God” in the Koran.
      • The new religion began in Iran, then moved to Iraq and Lebanon before flooding the world.
      • Ba’hai is the culmination of all the world’s religions. Progressive Revelation: Moses -> Krishna -> Buddha -> Jesus -> Muhammad -> Baha’Ullah. “Religious truth is not absolute, but relative.”
      • No priests, no ceremony. Emphasis: good deeds, helping the poor, education.
      • Monotheistic, but God is unknowable (“the most Exalted, the Inaccessible”).
      • Strong emphasis on equality, education, peace.
      • Salvation comes through keeping the law as handed down by Baha-Ullah.
      • Jesus didn’t die for our sins, because he did not have to. Claims we’re imperfect, but not lost.

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