Hey you will do Interviews with Public Servants on Relate4ever Publishing for TeamWakeEmUp

Will you interview your local public servants for Relate4ever Publishing?
Are the best questions center around motivation for service, family and faith?


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3 Responses to Hey you will do Interviews with Public Servants on Relate4ever Publishing for TeamWakeEmUp

  1. LibertyMom1515 says:

    Good idea.

    Did you mean to ask a question or give a command? Will you vs you will. I just want to make sure your heart translates into English as you intend.

    I love hearing your heart and fAith as you face the facts. Abraham faced the facts and believed.

    Did u have a problem w comments?

    Pray for a sisterin Boston running for City Councillor- Patrice Gatozzi. She isnt libertarian but has those leanings. She and her husband. Joe liked Ron Paulexcept were duped into not trusting his foreign policy. But she has integrity. Loves God, a Christian for 30 years or so, and believes in the. COnstitution.

    Pray for Carol Claros- a libertarian friend and activist who is running for Republican state rep.

    We had a libertarian, Leah Cole, win a state rep position. We also had a libertarian win the Republican national committee woman position. This is so encouraging!

    I would love to know practically how u live the way u do. Where do u get ur food, how do u eat. Etc. U r living as God intended.

    My husband is able to work from home 1-2 days per week. But the commute to Boston – the people are crowded together and wont make eye contact. There is no personal space so they create it by not talking. It is. Dehumanizing.

    I am at home and I have learned to love people and talk with them in the grocery store and wherever I go. I always tell them about gmos since Americans are ignorant about this. And I mention God or the church and I usually invite them. But I dont start wtalking about God or they will think I am weird. Massachusetts isnt like the south – tennessee, Alabama etc (the bible belt). The north east are Catholics, agnostics , atheists,… They feel their faith is personal.

    Btw- we met w praying for country’s leaders. The elder thought that was enough. And next time we pray for something else. Some Christians came who were aware of some government stuff- but most live in a bubble, know nothing. Pray that we can stay faithful- those who are awake and those who are busy in their daily lives and not aware of Satan and his media lies.

    I had a bro over who has done extensive research for 20 yrs. He gave me a thumb drive of all ofbis research. Apparently the Vatican controls the world. And most people in positions of political power are Satanists. Be also researched Satanism. Most things fall on spe ific days.

    June 21 is the day of human sacrifice. Many men in power – religiously and politically- are involved in pedophilia. He belie es something big could happen: june 21, july 4 or july 31.

    He encouraged me to prepare- food, water, etc.

    Ben bernanke is meeting wed and thurs and could make a decision that would flip our economy on its ear.

    I always believe ghat Satan is a coward, and The one who is in us is more powerful.

    Love to ur wife and Love in Christ

    Jayme in MA

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