Stem Cell Research

R4E130422 – Stem Cell Research by Douglas Jacoby

You can download the full audiobook recording on qobuz or amazon or itunes.


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6 Responses to Stem Cell Research

  1. Miguel Gtz says:

    Why don’t you make any of these free??? Help the faith!

    • Relate4ever Publishing says:

      We are allowed to make about 3 minutes free and try to pick the best from the full studies. Anytime we will be able to publish the full studies for free you will be the first to know. However the iTunes price is pretty decent thru! Please Miguel email me for further info and possible upfront free promos!

      • Miguel Gtz says:

        Yes I purchased the study on Witchcraft, but still, I want my friends to hear them also cause the closest church is 1 hour away, and I want them to have an idea of what the studies are all about, but it would be better & easier to make half of these studies available for free. I want half of the studies to be free. It’s very possible.

  2. Miguel Gtz says:

    I’m not asking a team to do it, I’m asking Dr Jacoby to make free studies. No one has to make $$$, just make half of the studies he already has- these really juicy in depth ones, and publish them for free. The same way musicians release free music, it’s rare, but when it comes to the word of Jesus, it should be spread at any cost. I know they will help spread the faith.

    • Relate4ever Publishing says:

      I appreciate your request and identify with it. Meaning that if you look at The Remix Label on you will see all my music being given for free as promo download beside all the links to iTunes, Amazon, other popular retailers, etc and would love to have to be able to give this for free for those that will not be able to purchase.

      I know what you say and work with Doug on it because if it wasn’t the collaboration with R4E you would not have any of these beside being a paid subscriber on and hope these thoughts along with facts will help. Miguel please be in touch and post your feedback on other videos because your prayers and comments means a lot.

  3. Relate4ever Publishing says:

    Yes, anyone can find most of these studies for free in written form on

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