Kindergarden holocaust or homeschool



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5 Responses to Kindergarden holocaust or homeschool

  1. I used to think schools were a great way to teach the kids to be somewhat independent and not so attatched to the parents so they can learn how to make it on their own when they get older. I still kind of believe that but I don’t want to enroll my kids in school because I feel that they teach lies, and also like you said, they get´╗┐ sick at school, and well, my kids probably wouldn’t even be allowed to be enrolled because I don’t get them vaccinated

  2. Cristina says:

    Cristina can you please reply on about how you see homeschooling happening in Romania too?

    It is very hard to convince parents that is their job to educate their children, not the government’s. After 7 decades of communism/socialism and after a whole generation thinks it is the job of the government to educate our children it is hard to change that mindset.

    Another thing is that parents are scared of doing something even if they agree with homeschooling their children. Would you be willing to risk anything for not sending your children to the pagan’s indoctrination centers?

    • Relate4ever Publishing says:

      I saw your point in the people. Still what success stories you have? How you think we still can make this restoration in Romania too?

      • Cristina says:

        What do you mean by what success stories I have? Until people who call themselves Christians realize that sending their children to public school it’s against God’s principles, nothing can be restored.

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