Your history writing journal

Click here to download this movie now. Are you writing your walk in life?
Have you learn from history that most people omit to learn from history?
Will you learn from written past? Are you aware that we are making history?
What is your heritage? Will you inspire the present and next generations?

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One thought on “Your history writing journal”

  1. I agree with Christian about writing and recording our thoughts and actions in a journal. Most people would say to me, “Of course you agree. You are an English teacher,” but there is so much more to it than that.

    When I was younger, I kept journals, and then later went back and read them. I could see my progress in life and remember what I used to be like. These were not Christian journals, but just diaries of a young girl trying to figure life out.

    If you keep a record, and then go back and read it, you will be amazed! You can learn from yourself, from your own thoughts and actions.

    When you write, decide who your audience will be. If you want it private, keep it private, but we all go through life’s struggles and change.

    As a Christian, I have been through many of the struggles that young Christians are going through. If they read the things that I went through and find it is the same as their struggles, they can see how I handled it and whether I handled it in a way that is productive for them to follow or not.

    Missionaries do this all the time. When I became a missionary, I read the journals of other missionaries. I learned from their successes and their failures. I found heroes.

    I really respected the young English woman who went to Nigeria when it was still called “the white man’s grave” and rescued the so many pairs of twins who were cast off in the bush be cause the people were afraid of them and who stopped wars between tribes.

    I also learned that the wife of an early missionary to India could not handle the culture shock and went completely crazy. The husband did a good job, but lost his wife in the process. How much is the mission work worth? We have to ask ourselves these kinds of questions.

    What can I do so that I don’t end up like the woman who went completely crazy because she couldn’t cope with her new situation? I also read the diary of a man who was a missionary to a Muslim nation. It was a very interesting insight in to how you can get Muslims to talk to you about Christ and his message.

    When we write our journals, we need to realize that others will learn from our successes and our failures, and isn’t that a Christian ministry all within itself?

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