The seasons of life

Let’s take as example a 80+ life span. The first 20 years is the spring when we put the seeds in the ground. It’s like a friendly sanguine. This is learning time!

The 20-40 years span is the summer where we work the ground and we need water to grow. It is like the diligent choleric. This is living!

The 40-60 years span is the autumn where we reap the fruits and we love life, It is like the fruitful melancholic. This is loving!

The 60-80+ years life span is the winter where we enjoy the fruits and we leave a legacy. It is like the thoughtful phlegmatic. This is a legacy!

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3 Responses to The seasons of life

  1. Donna Mark says:

    While in days gone by the 60-80+ age group may have been “the winter of life,” this is no longer the rule of thumb until about age 75. I am 61-years-old, for instance, and finishing my doctorate in psychology. I work a full-time and very demanding job; from which I can’t afford to retire vertically for many years. I know there are several of my friends in my generation who also share this kind of experience. I am continuing to build my legacy, not simply enjoying the fruits of my labor.

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