Replacing the new world order!

Up for an inspiring practical challenge? At least one day weekly focus on replacing the new world order modern things with classical way of living.

Stop watching TV and replace it with real life relations. What is your family thinking, doing, feeling? What about your friends and neighbors?

Stop using the car and replace transportation with biking or horse riding. How your body will feel after a walk in the nature? Will horses live in this world?

Stop using the phone and replace it with the written letter or voice over IP. Is writing the best way to communicate? Using mobiles will produce cancer?

Stop eating junk food and replace it with natural godly foods not modified or sprayed. Can you find a fruit tree in the wild? How is your garden?

Also fasting once a week and have a day without eating will clean your body and mind. What you will do when you will feel hungry? Pray and feed others.

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