#Christian interviews Douglas Jacoby about #spiritual life!

Douglas Jacoby is a freelance teacher, a consultant, and the author of many Bible based books.

A graduate of Duke University (history), Harvard Divinity School (New Testament), and Drew University (ministry).

Dr. Jacoby has taught in more than 100 nations around the world.
He and his wife, Vicki, live near Atlanta.

Find at douglasjacoby.com the main teaching website. And visit the premium website I have been subscribed from the beginning is jacobypremium.com

So for the Relate4ever Publishing interviews Douglas Jacoby and here is the main outline (34:11)

– Please outline your life so far in 10 step chronological events! 0:00

– What we’re 5 most influential persons in your life so far? And how they influenced you? 09:24

– So what comes into your mind when you think about God? Please describe… 14:54

– You have been married for a while now! What you loved the most in your spouse Vicki? Please share about it… 16:36

– You raised 3 children. What was the main challenge in parenting? Please advise… 18:08

– Okay, now the story behind your books: why you write them? How you write them? And what you expect from readers? 21:24

– Last published book about ‘Understanding How All the Pieces Fit Together’. Can you make ‘A Quick Overview of the Bible’ here? 24:52

– How people will remember you? What legacy you leave behind you? 29:22

– Where you will be in 10 then 100 years from now? 31:13

– Well, Dr. Jacoby, thank you very much for sharing all these with us and would you like closing in prayer 32:12

– You have been listening an interview with Dr. Douglas Jacoby, an international freelance teacher for Relate4ever Publishing. Thank you for listening and hope you will continue to be inspired by the realife stories shared with us here. 33:42

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4 Responses to #Christian interviews Douglas Jacoby about #spiritual life!

  1. thank you, Cristian for your great job and serving people to share and spread God’ Word, which is changing lifes… Keep it!

  2. Erika Writer says:

    Spiritual can be enhanced by always making sure that you have compassion to everyone.

  3. Roger Dawson says:

    Thank you for this perspective on spiritual living!

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